Urban Gear Flashlights

Surefire Xh35 Ultra-High Dual Output Holster Weaponlight W/ Maxvision

Turn on the Sun at Night With the Flick of a Switch; Masterfire Holster Compatible, Too

The SureFire XH35 weaponlight pumps out a blinding 1,000 lumens of consistent, white, illumination AND it is configured for use with SureFire’s Masterfire Rapid Deploy Holster. Despite its impressive light output, the dual-mode XH35 is not short-winded: you’ll typically get an hour and a quarter of continuous output in High mode and 2 1/2 hours in its 300 lumen Low mode. Yes – the X35’s Low mode is as powerful as the full output from the high-intensity weaponlights of just a few years ago! And yet it’s compact enough (3.7" long x 1.25" wide) to mount on any service pistol with a Picatinny or Universal under-receiver accessory rail via Sure Mfg: Surefire