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Surefire Xc2 Ultra-Compact Led Pistol Light

Provides an Easy, Lightweight Light and Laser Option

The SureFire XC2 Ultra-Compact LED Pistol Light is one of the easiest, tiniest and lightest light and laser options on the market, designed to give handgun owners an effective illumination and instant-aim option for their defensive-pistol platforms. The SureFire XC2 Ultra-Compact LED Pistol Light uses the company’s trademarked MaxVision Beam, which is designed to allow for close-range identification of threats using a wide-reaching area light. The unit also incorporates a 635nm red laser for immediate aiming ability. Max output of 300 lumens Powered by one commonly available AAA battery Total weight of 2.1 ounces Measures only 2.375 inches long The Mfg: Surefire