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Surefire Sf Ryder 9ti Modular Suppressor

An Indispensable Addition to Most Any 9mm Pistol or Rifle

The SureFire RYDER 9 Ti Suppressor is rated for 9mm handguns and carbines to include full-auto fire. This direct-thread suppressor is designed to not degrade the performance of the weapon system when firing either subsonic or supersonic ammunition and only reduces the audible sound and flash when firing. The RYDER 9Ti comes with an assembly/disassembly tool and baffle pusher rod for ease of use when cleaning the suppressor. Separate thread option pistons and fixed barrel spacers are additionally available. Caliber: 9mm Weight: 9.5oz (269g) Diameter: 1.25" (3.8cm) Length: 7.6" (19.3cm) 1/2×28 Thread Construction: Titanium and Stainles Mfg: Surefire