Urban Gear Flashlights

Surefire Fury Dual Fuel Tactical Lights

Compact Yet Immensely Powerful Light Penetrates the Murkiest Night

A further advancement in SureFire’s popular Fury tactical flashlight series, the Fury DFT rips through the darkness with a powerful, penetrating, 1,100-lumen beam that illuminates any scene. Wait, what’s "DFT" mean? This Dual Fuel Tactical Fury can draw its power from either two standard CR-123A disposable lithium batteries OR SureFire’s economical 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery. With the 18650 battery installed, your Fury DFT will give you its full-rated, night-into-day 1,500 lumen output. You get a bit less with CR-123s, 1,100 lumens – which is still a remarkably high output from a flashlight that’s a hair over 5 1/2" long! This Fu Mfg: Surefire