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Surefire Earpro Sonic Defenders

Noise Filter Blocks Loud Sounds To Help Prevent Hearing Damage

In-the-ear plugs help prevent hearing damage by blocking potentially dangerous noise from entering the ear canal. Internal Hocks Noise Braker blocks sounds above 80dB, but allows attenuated sounds below that level to pass, so your ability to hear conversation is not adversely affected. Made from a soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic medical-grade polymer that’s ergonomically shaped for a tight seal and secure fit that won’t work loose. Where extra sound isolation is desired, insert attached stopper plugs to block low-level sounds as well. Available in standard EP3 model (16dB NRR) and EP4 Plus with enhanced noise reduction (19dB NRR). EP5 model (26 dB NRR) includes a lanyard a Mfg: Surefire SPECS: Soft polymer. One pair, right and left. Both models available in Medium size (fits most ears); EP4 and EP5 also available in Large.