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Surefire 3 Prong Eliminator Flash Hider

99% Overall Reduction in Muzzle Flash

The SureFire 3P Eliminator 5.56 Three-Prong Flash Hider is designed to limit the flash of AR-15/M16 system by over 98% to that of a bare muzzle when firing SAAMI-spec MIL Standard ammunition. This muzzle device has the same flash reduction capability to that of the SureFire SF3P-556-1/2-28 Suppressor Adapter; however, this product is a standalone muzzle device only. Caliber: 5.56mm (.223 caliber) Length: 2.67" Over 98% flash reduction to that of a bare muzzle when firing SAAMI-Spec MIL Standard Ammunition Precision machined from US mill-certified heat-treated stainless steel bar stock High-precision single-point cut barrel threads for optimum thread i Mfg: Surefire